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March 6, 2014

Cabling Icon Winner Highlights His Family and Work Ethic as Key to Contest Win

For the past three years Concert Technologies has run Cabling Icon, a contest highlighting cabling technician’s skills and abilities in telecommunications installations. The contest highlights contractors in a variety of cabling techniques and offers cash prizes, scholarships to industry classes, and the coveted Golden Punch Down Award to the winner. In a recent interview by the lead editor of Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine Patrick McLaughlin asks Joe Barnes several questions about his recent season three Cabling Icon victory and what it takes to be a success in the cabling industry.

McLaughlin opened the discussion with Joe Barnes asking “what challenges he faced as a technician and business owner?” Joe went on to explain that “… it doesn’t matter how smart I think I am or how much endurance I think I have, I realized I can’t do it alone. That was one of the things, when I started this business I had to make it run, a smart person will realize that it’s smart to surround yourself with good people.” Certainly this was wise advice, but it was only when he began to speak of his family that his strong emotions surfaced.

“As I started bringing my family in, my wife came [on board] and she handles the financial side of things, there are still certain things I have to do, but she began to handle the financial side and it really took a lot off my plate. The biggest thing I learned is that I can’t do it all on my own. It’s important to have good people around you, I love having my family around me and it’s truly a family business.” This heartfelt and honest commentary on the nature of his family run business speaks to why he was such a strong contestant. His honest commentary and approach to quality work set him apart and informed the judges for his victory.

As the interview went on Mr. Barnes offered advice for this coming season’s Cabling Icon, which has the potential to be the most competitive yet. “I would tell the guys you have to enjoy what you do, you have to enjoy it that’s the bottom line, when you enjoy it, it makes the job easier, and the judges and other people will see that when they talk to you; they will see the love you have for what you do, and practice! It doesn’t hurt.”

Certainly the judges made note of his love for the industry, his family support, and his thoughtful approaches to the Cabling Icon Contest.


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